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At Broom House Farm your health and safety during your visit are taken very seriously.  We do our best to ensure that the farm is a safe environment, but you must be aware that this is a working farm and that you will come into contact with animals/machinery. Please read the guidelines below and observe these simple, sensible precautions.


SPECIAL NOTE: JAN-MAY - PREGNANT WOMEN.  Sheep are sometimes infected with an organism that can cause miscarriage in women. The risk is very small, but it is important that pregnant women do not have any contact with lambing sheep. We would ask any pregnant women not to enter the lambing shed during these months.



§  Wear suitable clothing and footwear

§  Approach and handle animals quietly and gently.

§  Do not chase or frighten the animals

§  Do not climb on animal pens, gates, fences, walls or bales

§  No smoking



All animals carry different types of bugs and some of these can be passed on to humans and make them ill.  People usually catch the illness by touching their mouth with their hands or fingers that have become contaminated with bugs.  You can get your hands contaminated by touching animals, land or objects (eg. shoes) that are contaminated with animal poo.  The risk of someone catching an infection can be greatly reduced by following the simple guidelines below:


Always wash hands very thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water before eating/drinking, after touching animals, and before leaving the farm

§  SUPERVISE children, ensure they wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

§  Children must be supervised by their accompanying adults at all time

§  Children must be prevented from putting their fingers in their mouths

§  Do not eat sweets or other snacks during your visit

§  Do not taste animal foods or water

§  Do not smoke during your visit

§  Do not kiss the animals or let them lick your face

§  Do not put dummies that have fallen on the ground back in children’s mouths

§  Cover cuts and grazes with a waterproof dressing






E Coli  0157   Broom House Farm


We must assume that all cattle, sheep and goats carry E Coli 0157 and excrete it in their poo.  E Coli 0157 is a very infectious disease and swallowing a small amount can cause serious illness, especially in children under the age of 5.


Handwashing with soap and water is the most effective method of reducing risk of infection


Handwashing should take place after contact with animals, and before eating/drinking or leaving the farm


Supervision of children’s handwashing by their adults is essential.  Young children cannot be expected to understand the risks involved


Any personal items that fall on the floor must be cleaned thoroughly before being handled.  Please clean boots/wellies



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