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Forest Adventure Risk Assessment

No. Hazard or Activity on the site Risks associated with hazard Person(s) in Danger Potential to cause harm Controls in pace and action required by visitors
1 Straw / Dust blown in wind Can easily get into eyes. Public/ Staff medium Provide eye bath facilities. 
  Mud can contain animal faeces Public /Staff low Provide tap for washing wellies
2 Splinters from hurdles and rails Public/ Staff medium Caution splinters signs to be postes
3 Animals escaping from pens possibility of being knocked over Public/ Staff low Instructed at briefing not to approach animals 
          Staff on hand to handle animals
4 Uneven path surface Possibility of tripping Public/ Staff medium Paths to be raked and kept tidy. Rubbish to be removed. Shed to be kept tidy. Warning signs
5 Fire Straw catching fire Public/ Staff low  
    Wood catching fire     All areas to be strictly 'No Smoking'.
          No smoking signs to be posted
          Ensure first aiders available on site.
6 Major health incident Personal injury Public / Staff low Staff phone available 
  e.g. stroke, fit,        First aider to be on site
7 Accidents involving machinery Possibility of being knocked over Public/staff medium Machinery not to be used while public on site
  eg tractors       Staff to be trained in use of machinery
          Public to stay in designated areas
8 Accidents involving uneven surfaces Tripping, loosing footing Public/ Staff medium No children under 16 to be allowed in unaccompanied by an adult
          Signs will be provided stating that all children are the responsibility of an adult.
          Public will be briefed on the DO's & DON’T's
9 Danger of e-coli ill health following visit Public / Staff medium Briefing sheets and posters to each visitor/staff
          Washing facilities and anti-bac soap provided
10 On site danger eg: parking cars, moving children children at risk children medium Warning & disclaimer signs
11 High platforms danger of falling  children medium warning signs.  Staff to monitor
12 Nettles and thistles allergic reaction All medium Warn public. Tell to wear sensible clothing


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