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September Update - Farming News!

It's rare to see a combine at Broom House as the oats are usually foraged. This year however the clover silage yielded well and only 3/4 oats fields fitted into the silage clamp, so the remainder were combined.  There's been a little wait for the combine to arrive - the few acres we had were more of a nuisance than anything to our contractors, but the wait paid off as they came in nice and dry, as did the straw.  The under-sown grass didn't look very clever so the fields have been cultivated and re-sown's a little late in the season for grass seeds, but fingers crossed they will grow.  




It's been nice having the in calf heifers in the field next to the Coffee Shop over the summer, meanwhile the bulls are now all together in the field in front of the house. There has been a lot of noise and a bit of agitation between them as they sort out their pecking order.  Most of the time recently has been spent sorting out sheep.  Lambs have been split into batches according to size, and some fat lambs have now been sold.  The best pure Lleyn ewe lambs have been selected for breeding - we'll be keeping some and selling some.  It's Kelso Ram Sale on Friday, always a sociable day out for the farmer! The main ewe flock has also been through the pens.  Any that have had mastitis or other problems at lambing time will have been marked and will be transferred to the cull flock.  We've been selling cull ewes at Darlington mart although the best cull ewes are kept for mutton in the butchery.  The breeding ewes are being condition scored (sorted into fatter and skinnier) and put into family groups.  


Our annual Organic Inspection is due, so there has been a good deal of paper shuffling in the office.  The Organic inspector has a very long and detailed list of things to inspect, from animal movement records to seed labels, feed purchases, medicine log books.  The inspection usually takes 5 hours and involves time in the office as well as inspection of the animals and farm buildings. 

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