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Whilst inside they are fed ad-lib (which means there is always food available to them) grass/clover/oat silage; this is chopped into small pieces and blown along the feed barrier at the front of their shed.  The feed barriers stop the feed getting mixed with the muck. Notice how the barrier is slanted diagonally; this lets the calves stick their heads through for food without being able to walk out.  We keep the heifers (girls) and steers (castrated boys) in separate groups and they are weighed at the start and end of the "housing" period so that we can see which calves do the June we'll need to decide which of the heifers will be joining the herd.

It's been relentlessly wet on the farm.  Every field is squelching water and the livestock and poultry all look as though they could do with some sunshine on their backs.  The early lambers are now in the sheds and most of the remaining ewes will be housed from this weekend, following scanning on Sunday afternoon.   We are hoping for an improvement in the scanning figures this year, with better weather at tupping time and having taken the decision to vaccinate the whole flock against toxoplasmosis.   This week's work has involved sorting and selling another load of fat lambs, getting the sheds ready for housing the ewes.  The next job on the list is mucking out all the pigs and out for a few smelly days ahead!  

6 January, 2014 at 15:04

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