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I thought that the sheep were all sheared, however there are a dozen left that got caught in a downpour when the shearers were here. We'll catch up with these as soon as we have a spare moment.  The first batch of lambs have now been sold and the price is still good, so we'll be keen to get some more lambs off the farm as soon as we can.   This year we have started weaning lambs earlier than usual.  We've made enough hay/silage and due to the dry weather the "second cut" clover re-growths are going to seed already, without the height needed to make good silage crops. Rather than waste this crop at its most nutritious stage, we're grazing it with weaned lambs. At first their growth will probably take a check as they miss their mothers. Apparently they should gain about 3kg a week once they adjust. We're busy vaccinating the younger lambs against clostridial diseases such as pulpy kidney.  Their mothers have antibodies in their milk that protects the lambs for the first month or so, but then they must have this jab or they start dropping like flies.The vaccination program is agreed with the vet and included in our organic stock health plan. Withdrawal periods  for all medicines are double those for non organic livestock, to ensure that no trace of chemical is left in the meat that we might sell.  

23 July, 2013 at 15:51

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