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A new Lleyn ram has been bought from a farm in Perthshire, with the hope of introducing some more prolifigacy genes into the bloodlines. Two Suffolk rams were then purchased at the annual Kelso Tup Sale. These boys will hopefully improve carcass quality in the fattening flock, their offspring with have speckled/black faces rather than the pure white of the Lleyn, so it's easy to tell them apart.  The ewes are having their tails trimmed in readiness for tupping next month, not such a backbreaking job now that we have the conveyor system in the sheep pens. After this they are moved on to good grazing, this is called "flushing" and describes how we want them to be in peak condition for the tups.  They won't be grazing the red clover for the moment as the natural hormones in this crop are thought to interfere with a ewe's fertility.  The  early lambing flock is already running with the tups - we had 125 tupped in the first week, which is good going.
Becky's pic of fat lambs coming down the drive for their weigh in!

The cattle have all been pregnancy scanned and it looks as though there'll be plenty of calves for Martin in March.  Mr Berry has come out as the most efficient bull; not only are all the cows he was running with "in-calf" but the calving period is good and short. 

Lambs are still getting a reasonable price, although it's come down a lot now that most farmers' lambs are ready to sell, and getting a slot with the supermarkets' abattoir is less easy.  These lambs are sold  when they weigh 40kg or more, we've sold about 1200 fat lambs off the farm so far, they're growing more slowly than usual due to the weather.  300 ewe lambs have been sold to 2 lady farmers from Bedford and a further 500 will be kept as replacement that leaves a few still to go at - and plenty for our Farm Shop.  We have 2 new boars, the butchers will be very relieved as the pork recently has had inches of extra fat!  We've been undergoing our whole farm rent review, we have a Farm Business Tenancy which is reviewed every 3 years and as you can imagine, the rent never goes down.

29 October, 2012 at 18:23

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