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The cattle have all been turned out into the fields again and are doing their best to keep on top of the grass. The last calf has been born now, meaning that all of the approx. 150 calves were born in a reasonably tight 11 week period.  Martin is due a rest!  Mark has been sorting the cows into their bulling groups, we need to be careful as we breed our own replacements that we don't let any cows run with their fathers or grandfathers.  All the bulls were checked for fitness and tested for fertility in May before they are let loose with their batches of cows on 1st June. One bull is too lame to use - as each bull will have about 50 cows to serve they need to be in peak condition, so Mark has bought a new young bull from Duff Burrell, an Aberdeen Angus breeder farming near Alnwick.  The plan is for this bull to serve the 28 bulling heifers, these are currently in the field known as Moonbase on the top corner of the lane leading along to the farm. Mark selects his bulling heifers from the calves born last year.  These girls are still growing so we need to make sure that they are always on good grazing.


There is a nuthatch visiting the bird table here for the first time, we are busy keeping an eye out for birds during June.  Many of the 33 nest boxes that we put up last month are being occupied already, please let us know of any birds that you spot whilst out on our lanes and footpaths and have a look at our bird board by the Cafe.


We have just been awarded the 2012 Tyne Tees Area Tye Trophy, which is for farming commercially whilst looking after the countryside. This is great news as it means a day at the Yorkshire Show where we will receive our award! If you'd like to find out more about life on the farm or organic farming or animals in general then do come along to our free Open Farm Sunday Event on 17th usually rains, but if not we'll be having a BBQ, and whatever the weather there will be farm walks, a machinery show and trailer rides.


Ruth, who helps run the school visits, had her first trailer ride out to see the cows and calves this week.  Unfortunately it poured with rain for  the entire journey but the children apparently didn't mind a bit and dried off running around the woods in the afternoon sunshine.

11 June, 2012 at 08:20

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