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Organic Lleyn Ewe with Twins

Lambing time has not been easy this year.  Quite apart from lambing so many sheep at once, the weather has been against us for most of the month.  The night of the snow was the worst!  With the strong East wind blowing snow straight into the sheds, even the sheep indoors struggled.  Mark had seen the forecast and so luckily we didn't have many young lambs outside.  He also managed to move the ewes and lambs outside into more sheltered spots before the worst of the snow.  A big thank you to Ian Marshall, Charlie Fagg (age 12 and really feels the cold) and William who saved the day, moving lambs at 7pm in a horrendous blizzard. That snow didn't last long at all, but since then, as I'm sure you'll know, it's been rain, rain, rain and April showers. Great Easter Holiday weather!  Lambs that were outside had to be brought back in last Thursday, we've lost a few more than usual as any lambs that are struggling for milk just get cold and fed up of lying in muddy fields.  They've had very few chances to dry out, but it's amazing how resilient they are as long as their stomachs are full.  We're nearly at the end of lambing now - I counted about 40 ewes in the shed this morning.  Mark has said goodbye to all the extra help so is back to getting up through the night to check on his girls.


Most of the cattle that we turned out in March have been brought back inside as they were making such a mess in the fields.   Calving has gone well and is almost over now as well.  Cows and calves can be seen half way up the hill to Broom House, next to the footpath that leads up past West Hall Cottage - whose occupants, the Kaylls, have been enjoying watching the calves playing in the occasional burst of sunshine.  


Otherwise on the farm the clover and oats are enjoying the wet weather, we should have some good crops this year if it ever dries out enough to harvest them. All 3 nanny goats have had their babies, so we have 6 kids jumping around in JJs paddock, they are at the VERY cute stage.  


Farming isn't just about animals and the outdoors.  Mark and I spent a lovely afternoon together on Tuesday, completing our Organic records, Single Farm Payment Scheme and also Higher Level Stewardship capital claim forms.  The HLS paperwork is rather tedious but it has helped us fund the kilometers of hedging and protective fencing that we planted back in February - as well as other things like the Educational Access visits and 22 new bird boxes!  We are doing a bird survey here on the farm during May and June, please let us know of any birds that you spot whilst out and about on our lanes and footpaths.


Can you spot Ginger Tom
Can you spot Ginger Tom?!



10 May, 2012 at 07:39

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