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February has flown by, and  the days are now a much better length, the puppies are enjoying their early morning run in the daylight...although Bina the black lab also enjoys a midnight stretch of the legs to the lambing shed.

The early lambing flock (approx. 200 ewes) have started to lamb indoors up in the shed at Broom House and so far so good, although Mark is a little disappointed with the ewes' milk supply.  Lots of you have been asking and worrying about the Schmallenberg virus, and I'm afraid there is so little known about this new disease that it's hard to speak with confidence, although we are hoping that as it is thought to be  carried by midges and most damaging in  the first 3 months of pregnancy that we will be OK, as our tups did not go out until October/November, after the main midgy time of year.  The best of these lambs will be 40kg and ready for the butchery in July, just as the last of the 2011 lamb crop are finished.

Our main lambing period will start at the beginning of April.  You might think that this is timed to coincide with our children's Easter Holiday so that they can be put to work, but in fact we lamb at this time due to the fact that, as organic farmers, the grass takes longer to get going in the Spring.  New mothers like a fresh bite of grass if they are to produce lots of milk for their lambs.  We will be having our usual charity lambing open days - details to follow!


The first calves are also due.  Mark and stockman Martin have been sorting out the cattle and the shed at the Langley House end of the farm.  Most cows just have one calf and our Aberdeen Angus cattle are quite good at calving without help - although there is always the odd problem birth (usually on Sunday mornings when Mark is dashing to help with Will's rugby coaching).

Otherwise on the farm we have been muckspreading and hedgecutting and the organic oats seed has arrived, we have ploughed the fields for these - this year the oats will be down next to the A691.  The goats have been scanned and are each having twins. Ross,the new boar, has settled in after some initial bullying from the young sows and there have been 4 good litters of piglets in the last fortnight.  As for the hens, we had been wondering whether the poults were ever going to start laying  - as had most of our Farm Shop Customers - but last week we did not run out of eggs!  The youngest hens can be seen spreading right across the 20 acre field next to the Cafe on a nice day.

5 March, 2012 at 16:19

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