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New Piglets!

These piglets are just a couple of days old, their Saddleback mother is relaxing in the sunshine today having given birth to all these babies...can you count how many there are?!  The piglets are pink because their father is "Stretch" and Stretch is a large white boar rather than a pure Saddleback. We have a Saddleback boar as well and our sows alternate boars so that we get some leaner pork for the shop, as not everyone likes inches of fat on their chops. As you can see Mrs Saddleback is still very plump, even after giving birth to all those babies.  Piglets can walk, see and feed themselves from almost the moment they are born, how cool is that?!  These piglets should shortly be on view to visitors to the farm

10 September, 2009 at 15:01

Tags: Broom House Farm, piglets, Saddleback Pigs


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